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Choose From This Series for your Free Mini Limited Edition Print.

Mini Limited Edition Print are printed on quality heavy stock paper and limited to only 75 each. Each signed and number by the artist. 

Prints are shipped protected with a plastic sleeve mailed in a rigid stay-flat mailer.  Delivery will be 7 to 10 business days. U.S.P.S.

Contact me if there are any other questions.

All you pay is the $5.95 for the shipping and handling,  

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Yes, That's Right... A Free Mini Print Of My Art.

No, kidding, wheres that catch you say? Well... I do need you to cover the shipping.. Oh, hold on... before you think I'm going to stick it to you. Understand that I'm only asking a flat fee of 5.95 to ship* you a quality limited edition mini print of one of my select creations (a 35.00 value) to your door step. That's it, nothing else just the shipping.

(Continental United States Only)


Yeah, to be truthful, some places are pretty close, and others are pretty far. So after the package, postage and the cost to create the print... my cost equal themselves out.  And if there is anything left over...  I put it toward my "D.A.S.D.".or, Door Alarm Service Dog...   And I don't think she is going to get fat any time soon.

Why am I doing this you may ask... because I have been bless many times in my life and I want to give back in my own way........besides, after you see my work up close, I hope to you are inspired to become a collector of my Art.


So if your interested, click on the link here and lets get you that print. thanks for the support and the Door Alarm thanks you too. Have an awesome day.

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