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Airbrush Art

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One of a kind, short series,

Metal panels, canvas, objects of all kinds.

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Starting September 29th -Sunday @ 8:pm

Art Auctions * Fun Interaction

Watch Art Being Created

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originals & COMMISSIONED

One of a Kinds, Prototypes, Limited Series & Editions,

Metal, Wood, Plastics, Clay

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Airbrush Art


originals & prints

canvas & metal panels

unique items.

Mini Sculptures


fridge magnets, shift knobs, beer taps

key chains, limited editions, etc…

Originals & Commissions

Iron Tree Art


plasma cut metal & wood Art

vintage & rustic decor

Originals & Commissions

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About Karman

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Hi, I'm Karman Fairless, a multi media artist specializing in one of a kind sculptures, paintings, & airbrush art.

I work in fine arts and conceptual design.

My passion comes from creating art that brings smiles to my clients and collectors.

Thanks for taking time to visit my site.

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