Bombs Away...!!!

The "F" Bombs are flying out the door...!

Ya never know when the "F" Bomb is going to drop... So here is your warning...

The sculpture was inspired by a funny phrase I would hear from time to time..."The F-Bomb...!"

So I thought I'd fill the need for warning good folks....Here it is, With one of these hanging on your wall or propped up on the mantle..,will remove all doubt that this place knows "F" words like....

Fantastic!, Fabulous, Fancy and.... what?, not what you was thinking?  Hummm... me neither.

What does the "F" stand for, for you!!! ...


(hot tin roof}


(tread plate)


(war plane panel)

Each sculpture is hand crafted from plasma cut metal, wood and a little artsy fartsy paint here and there.. there are no two exaclly alike.

"My wish is you have fun with my art and I want to thank you so very much for supporting me as an artist.. " Karman

price includes usps shipping in the continental u.s. (only) 

"F" BOMB plaque