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Karman Fairless

Artist since birth, I know, a little corny. But hey, it seem to explain a lot. Like most kids, I spent a lot of time coloring, drawing, and just, well...creating. But when it came time to explore other interest. Nothing really filled the void like creating Art. So, I figure, if the shoe fits, where it..........


........As I grew up in the little Midwest town of Godfrey Illinois, I never really called myself an artist. I just liked drawing and being crafty... It wasn't until my Art Teacher in high school said, "Karman, your an Artist...". She got me thinking... "by golly, I guess I am one!" I spent the next few years exploring different kinds of Art . I have studied engineering, drafting, mechanical drawing, commercial art, metal fabrication, Fine Art, Sculpture, basket weaving,....... are you getting the idea? Yeah, I tried everything.

I can say, one media has stuck with me for some time thou. A great guy by the name of Hearvey Mouser, introduced me to an airbrush when I was only 10 or so. I painted everything I could with that darn thing. I guess you can call it my weapon ( Um, ) medium of choice.  I've been working with the airbrush for better than 35+ years now... I think I might have it figured out.

My next real passion came after another awesome friend that we'll call John Smith, no really... his name is John Smith. Anyway, He introduced me to a wonderful couple who needed someone to sculpt statues and prototypes for his Statuette Production company. I created over 600 sculptures over the course of about 6+ year span. And thanks to that great experience, I'v since sculpted everything from prototypes for motorcycle &  Street-rod accessories, a variety of product design and medical equipment to action figures, haunted house / themed displays and dimensional signs. 

So its not hard to figure out that I might know a thing or two about airbrushing and sculpting. One thing I'm sure of is I really love what I do, and if there was one more thing that really gets me excited is to share what it is I know with good folks that want to learn. Teaching my skills and helping others to build on their skills... is another joy all unto its self....

Well, That is probably enough of me rambling on. I want to thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me. I'm available most anytime. If you would like to collect some of my work, or maybe have me create something for you personally. Feel free to contact me so we can get to know each other a little more.. Have a great day. And may God bless...

Karman Fairless

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